Understanding that great happiness comes from sharing, Savouré Bakery sincerely accompanies Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund to spread love and contribute a small effort to bring medical miracles to underprivileged children with disabilities across the country.


In addition to the collaborative activities with the Fund, small gifts filled with deep affection are sent to the children. With the desire to add more love to each Mid-Autumn Festival, Savouré Bakery specifically donates 2,000 VND for every mooncake given to Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund to provide healing opportunities for children with disabilities.


And this year's moon festival becomes even more special with the painting "Complete Circle" (“Vẹn Tròn”) - depicting a vibrant and colorful Mid-Autumn World, containing simple, pure joy through the innocent and bright eyes of children, from Savouré Bakery.


Alongside the "COLORS OF MID-AUTUMN" (“SẮC MÀU TRUNG THU”) filled with emotions, Savouré Bakery also conveys dedication through each cake with the freshest flavors, so that every Mid-Autumn gift box becomes a meaningful present, conveying love and well wishes to the cherished ones, making this year's moon festival more complete.


About Savouré Bakery,


Proudly born in Saigon in 2010, Savouré Bakery is a fresh bakery brand born out of love and passion for delicious cakes inspired by the sophisticated style and flavors of French cuisine. With the resonance of dedication and creativity from the Founder and the people of Saigon, Savouré Bakery always takes pride in bringing fresh, high-quality products with unique flavors that are beneficial to health, with the desire to "Send Love" through each delicious cake over the past decade.


At Savouré Bakery, "Sending Love" (“Gửi trọn yêu thương”) does not just stop at the brand message, but also spreads the values of love through many specific actions towards the community, which are meaningful to society and contribute to sustainable development.



About Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund,


Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund is the only charity organization in Vietnam that provides international standard multidisciplinary healthcare for children with disabilities facing difficulties.


Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund always believes that "A healthy child is a miracle. But a healed child with disabilities is even more than a miracle. And that miracle can start from your heart." Throughout the journey of over 15 years, the Foundation has brought medical miracles to more than 600 children with difficult circumstances, who suffer from congenital defects or accidents.


Every child deserves a healthy and strong body to freely play and develop with their friends. It is hoped that unfortunate children born with unwanted disabilities will soon receive surgical interventions to have a more fulfilling life.


Join hands for many small lives.


This Mid-Autumn Festival let's join Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund and Savouré Bakery to lend a helping hand to many small lives. With each mooncake given, it means that children with disabilities facing difficulties will have more hope for a healthy and fulfilling life.


Every valuable contribution from all of you is a miracle from your kind heart and sharing to fulfill the dreams of childhood!




Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund and Savouré Bakery


Savouré Bakery's love miracle journey with The Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund will continue to spread for bringing positive and meaningful changes to each less fortunate life throughout Vietnam. Continuing from the medical miracles in 2022, join us in giving a child a hand in life. 




The amount of 2023 donations - Thank you to the program for giving hands to bring medical miracles to the children.