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The Magical Power of Love

Love resonates from the heart of an artist...
Unexpectedly, after three long years, today the saxophone of the artist Tran Manh Tuan echoes again, resonating like magic at the first concert marking his remarkable recovery. A small but profoundly meaningful concert, praising the "Magic of Love" and fundraising for the children of the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund.
"Be passionate and share, life will give back miracles" - that is the belief that Artist Tran Manh Tuan sends to all the little ones of the Fund overcoming disabilities. And true to that spirit, he delivered a performance full of ecstasy, keeping the audience below unable to look away. Time and the challenges of the illness had diminished his health: his legs weakened, and his hands trembled, but the spirit and charisma of the saxophonist Tran Manh Tuan were still like a blazing fire.
... and the soulful sound in the hearts of the enchanted audience
Tears rolled in the small space as the saxophone of artist Tran Manh Tuan produced a melodious and profound sound, echoing like the highs and lows of emotions.
The cozy atmosphere suddenly became lively when Artist Tran Manh Tuan brought out the saxophone to auction. This special artifact, 120 years old, was inseparable from his career, a symbol of sharing love for less fortunate children. The fiery figure on stage suddenly became gentle like a fairy as he sat there on a small chair, smiling, holding the saxophone, waiting for a new owner.
Then, truly magical and emotional, when the auction winner intended to give the saxophone back to Artist Tran Manh Tuan, with the "hope that Tran Manh Tuan will use this saxophone to share even more love with the struggling little ones."
The music stopped, but the space seemed to resonate with the most beautiful bass notes...
The Miracle Power of Love
The auction was a great success, raising a total of 1 billion VND. 
Gratitude for the noble gesture of all who contributed to creating a miracle synergy for the power of love.
For over 17 years, the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund has understood and empathized deeply with how love and hope are essential for the patiences, and at that same time, it has experienced the Miracle of Medical Magic that has changed people's lives. The concert proved to the children of the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund that belief and hope will add determination to overcome life's challenges. Let us believe that - Where there is love, there is Magic.