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The birth of a healthy baby is a miracle. But healing a child with disability is more than a miracle. AND THAT MIRACLE CAN START FROM YOUR HEART.

2024 marks the eighteenth anniversary of the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund. With the help of many kind hearts as well as several successful, meaningful, practical, and humanitarian initiatives, the Fund has throughout the years been able to fulfill the mission of bringing back normal lives for thousands of children nationwide, helping to make their dreams come true - the dream of being able to go to school. Love and a myriad of other emotions abound on this journey.
Since its inception, the Fund's founding members and the team have shared the goal of performing numerous medical miracles for children with birth defects and accidents in difficult circumstances, enabling them to receive free surgery from dozens of specialists in surgery and other fields, both domestically and internationally.
In retrospect, 2023 proved to be a modest year for the Fund, with its journey coming to a close after a year marked by economic volatility and challenges. However, during that trying period, the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund was inundated with responses and support from our "brothers", "sisters", friends, as well as companions whom we had never met.
Despite all the uncertainties in the world, these wonderful deeds have given us peace of mind, faith, and love. Somewhere in the middle of life's chaos, simple, lovely stories appear to be moving and never cease, seeming to be ringing like bells of silent giving. Even in the midst of the hustle and bustle, the most basic aspects of humanity still shine through.
Eighteen years may not seem like a lengthy voyage, but the individuals who have contributed to the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund deserve a great deal of gratitude and pride for their serene and noble journey. What the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund has quietly given away over these years has been nothing short of a miracle.
We would like to use the image from the song titled "Để gió cuốn đi” (roughly translated as "Let the wind blow away”) by the late musician Trịnh Công Sơn as an inspiration to write thousands of letters of thanks to all the like-minded hearts expressing our appreciation. We will definitely get together again in 2024 at the earliest possible, most enjoyable, safe, and convenient moment.
Warmest regards!
Lê Lan Khanh 
Fund Director